Spencer travels down memory lane with possibly the best remastered game ever made, Crash Bandicoot for the PS4. Chris dives into a beautiful early access game called Dead Cells, and Joel hates Zelda now. It's a symphony of frustration and tangents on this episode of Fridge Logic!

Sorry about the shorter episode this time around, scheduling conflicts for America's birthday roughed up our usual recording session. But never fear! There was still time to sit down and talk about the latest Diablo 3 expansion, which introduces a new character class. And Hitman, the game Joel has been waiting a long time to play. Because he likes to kill bad people.

During our wrap up of E3 2017, we discuss the Death of Bethesda, how crappy plots for Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed got, and a lightning round of our favorite games from E3. Tragically, we covered so much that we forgot to even mention Far Cry 5. Please forgive us.

Spencer talks about his CD collection, Joel admits to a heinous crime, and Chris learns to share his corner with others. We also talk about super heros fighting with Injustice 2, Zero gravity dance parties in Overwatch, and the best possible last man standing scenarios in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

Ever wanted to go into the inner minds of random people on the street, then date the people that go inside with you? Me neither! But man, Chris sure does put up a convincing argument for that as he explains Persona 5. Better than I just did. Plus, Joel fulfills Switch Destiny by playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe...in public! And Spencer is afraid of coffee cups in space with Prey.

It's time to move on as Chris and Joel finally beat Zelda Breath of the Wild. In fact, Joel already has, as he fights for his life in the modern-day Hunger Games simulator PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Meanwhile, Spencer makes a decent living as a space trucker in Elite Dangerous, and falls in love with VR again.

The contest is over, the winner has been announced. Who is it? Tune in to find out! And then continue to listen, as it's Switchion Accomplished for Chris. He finally dives into his own copy of Breath of the Wild and he's got a story or two to tell. Meanwhile, Joel spends more money on Overwatch during their Uprising event, and Spencer colonizes a whole new galaxy in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

We're giving away games! Find out how you can win our contest by tuning in to the return of Chris' WoW corner, Spencer's nonsensical time hoping adventures in Dragonball Xenoverse 2, and Joel puts forth a fantastic discussion on gaming habits, including a story about how his legs stopped working after an extended play session. It's the best.

Recorded just a day after Saint Patrick's Day, Spencer tries to ignore his hangover to talk about Zelda: Breath of the Wild with Joel. Chris travels to the ends of the Earth for a Nintendo Switch. Afterward, Spencer gets worried about Mass Effect Andromeda, Chris makes some wild assumptions about Horizon Zero Dawn, and Joel takes his dad to work.

It's the one year anniversary of Fridge Logic! Thanks for listening to us. As a special treat, we do...pretty much exactly what we've been doing since we started. Chris and Spencer paint a word picture of Horizon Zero Dawn, Joel buys a Nintendo Switch and starts a discussion that echos back through time, and Spencer becomes Batman.

Back from our International business meeting Joel decides to become a fellon, while Chris gets controller throwing mad when he finally plays For Honor, and Spencer raves about the amazing first hour of Prey, as well as the oddity of working for a Goblin King in Dragonquest VIII.

Josh from Japan joins us for our first ever International episode! This lively discussion covers the arcade scene in Japan, what it's like to live there, and how gaming culture in general differs from America. Also, Joel gets passionate about keyboards. Spencer can't pronounce Japan. Chris plays For Honor.

Back from the holiday break, we've spent way too much money on video games. Join us as we try to save the world in XCOM 2, find some semblence of enjoyment from WoW, and create the Grand Unified Theory of Overwatch. Then we go off on a lot of tangents.

Special Guest: Chris' Dad!

Join us for this special non-holiday holiday episode as we dive into some amazing games, like the mobile sensation Super Mario Run, the absolutely insane sounding Let it Die, and the really rather fun Batman: A TellTale Series. Merry Christmas to all!

Joel roams the apocalyptic wasteland of Mad Max with amazing vehicles and horrible combat. Spencer gives an impassioned speech about morality. Chris lives out a childhood (Final) Fantasy.

Happy Halloween! Join Chris and Spencer as they open the Fridge of Fright to discover just what scares them the most in video games...and in life. Plus, some great spooky podcast suggestions, and discussion on the original FEAR, Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water for Wii U.

While in Portland, Joel misses a miracle when Chris plays a game other than World of Warcraft. Then Spencer peaks into the Fridge of Fright when he talks about Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, the premise of which freaks him out way more than the actual game.