Listen in to find out how to win our latest game giveaway! Plus, with Joel gone, Chris and Spencer are left to talk about 80's movies, Half-Life 2, Cyan World's wonderful new game Obduction, and of course, World of Warcraft Legion.

Was No Man's Sky as bad as everyone says? Probably. But we offer a few good alternatives to scratch that spacey itch after some discussion on the marketing and development of the game. Plus, Chris and Joel take us through an impromptu history lesson of World of Warcraft in preparation for the new expansion.

In which we discuss the brand new Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS, the quite cool coop gameplay of Dying Light, and the hit indie game from the makers of Limbo, Inside.

Also, Joel doesn't remember Jumanji. What's up with that?

Joel's back! And he played a fantastic little indie game called Rebel Galaxy. But also a lot of Doom. Spencer finally gets around to the phenomenal Witcher 3, and Chris brings up some very good (but negative) points about Pokemon Go.

Come get excited with us! There were so many new games announced during this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo! Battlefield 1, Horizon Zero Dawn, and South Park The Fractured But Whole are just some of the titles we talk about during our extensive coverage of the event. 

Overwatch is officially here! And we played a ton of it. New to the game? Played more than we have? Don't know what it even is? Listen in! There's also time travel madness in Spencer's adventures with Quantum Break, and we finally, finally talk about Child of Light (Or do we?)

Joel, Spencer, and Chris all fall head over heels for the HTC Vive. Then they get a little carried away talking about future uses for VR technology. Joel beta tests both Battleborn and Overwatch, with confusing results. Meanwhile, Spencer has a rough time with POLLEN's VR settings, and Chris is obviously enjoying Dark Souls III.

Of course one of us played with an Oculus Rift. Spoiler: it's awesome. Second spoiler: there are some things you should know about the hardware we haven't seen covered anywhere else. We also discuss the incredibly important That Dragon, Cancer. And Chris talks about his new life farming in Stardew Valley.

Joel and Chris have a lively debate over Heroes of the Storm, other MOBAs, and competitions like The International, while Spencer hasn't done anything but drown in Nintendo games over the last few weeks.

Chris takes us on a tour of one of his favorite franchises, covering Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Bloodborne. Meanwhile, Spencer gets really excited by slow motion rain in SUPERHOT, and Joel sounds sick because he's sick.

Join Chris, Spencer, and Joel as they dive deep into the meaning of The Witness. Topics include everything from communicating theme to the player to secret endings to weird addictions to Civilization V. Heavy spoilers abound! This episode starts with a clip describing Jonathan Blow's latest video game, The Witness.

In the pilot episode of Fridge Logic, we discuss The Witcher 3 and The Witness. Joel shows off the amazing functionality of a mechanical keyboard, and Chris is a staunch defender of Street Fighter V's launch.