We sift through the massive pile of E3 games that were announced and shown at this week's conference. What did we like? What did we hate? More importantly, what were the weirdest moments of the event? Find out in this episode!

Joel's return from vacation heralds the gang reuniting, and the discussion of some top notch video games. This episode covers talk of the wonderful War of the Chosen expansion for XCOM 2, and a review of David Cage's new game Detroit: Become Human.

Chris brings guest cohost Nick to the table, literally. Join us for this laid back episode as we fish around various subjects from graphics cards to games that are a little less family friendly on this deep dive under the fridge.

Spencer is hot on the trail of the coveted Uncharted 4 Platinum trophy...will he ever get his hands on it? Meanwhile, he finds time to jump into the coop prison break simulator A Way Out, while Chris hangs out with the President of the United States, and Joel gets way into Vermintide 2's balance patches.

It's our 50th episode! To celebrate the milestone we did...nothing particularly special. But I have to say, what a great episode to mark the occasion. Joel fights back the rat apocalypse in Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Spencer finds his first "Platinum Worthy" game in Uncharted 4, and Chris forgets to play anything.

A heated debate on the merits of player skill in Just Cause 3, the travesty of a game that is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Joel's adventures in the small town of Stardew Valley, and more are discussed as we jump from game to game to game after reminiscing about that sweet, sweet mid-2000s beverage: SoBe.

While Chris is immersed Matrix-style in Monster Hunter World, Joel and Spencer talk briefly about the games they've been playing, before deliving into the philosophy of game design and...some other crazy stuff.

We're finally back! And spend a little too much time talking about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Sorry everyone, but it is kind of a cultural phenomenon. And joining us on that journey is guest host, Drew. I'm sure you'll love his commentary as we discuss a couple Star Wars games, and Chris' depressing exploits in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

With Joel gone on various holiday adventures, Chris and Spencer discuss the Monster Hunter World Beta, and a game where you slaughter zombies during Christmas. It's better than it sounds.

The fallout of Blizzcon 2017 hits hard at Fridge Logic Headquarters, as the trio is finally reunited after all too long. Spencer plays the best Mario game ever, Joel and Chris get backed into a corner.

Being adults finally catches up with the hosts, when we have a deep discussion about what makes games fun in this new modern gaming era. Specifically, we discuss No Man's Sky, Fortnite, Destiny 2, and more!

You'll find out why this episode was almost called "Your Name The Hedgehog," but it was easily beat by Joel's thorough explanation of Epic Games' Microtransaction Happy Shooter, Fortnite. Also, Spencer plays sports in Pyre and Chris rages against the Switch in Sonic Mania.

There's another giveaway! Find out how you can win $20 to your favorite online game shop by listening to the episode in which Spencer and Chris play hours of Rocket League on a "scenic" road trip, Chris discovers the joys of mobile gaming with Ridiculous Fishing, and Joel plays just like, a ton of really good games. A ton.